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Shine Bright Like Emerald Shorts

Hey guys. I hope you all had a great weekend!!! After much craziness my family and I spent the weekend moving intoΒ our new house and we have WiFi now so I can blog again! It’s so much easier to function when your computer, clothes and belongings are all in one place not packed away. The move is all done but the house renovating has just started. There is so much wallpaper to tear down its unbelievable. I will be recapping…

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Life Update: Moving Month May

Just thought I’d update you guys a bit on life lately. I like sharing these type of posts because they tend to steer away from the fashion stuff and focus more on other aspects of my life that I want to share. For me they are fun because I can tell you guys stories and free flow a little more than my outfit posts. Plus, I love sharing everyday photos taken with my iPhone and it allows you to step…

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Cheer Up Buttercup Floral Top

Hey guys! I hope your having a great week!!! Half way there to Friday! You want to know something funny, I have never really been into plants or taking care of them and here I stand in the midst of a garden center. It wasn’t until a few years ago when my friend Erin (who has a green thumb) invited me over to help her start her second garden in her backyard. Her first once was so fruitful and growing…

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J.Crew Spring Look Head to Toe

J.Crew Outfit Details: Top | Shorts | Bag Normally I don’t wear the same brand head to toe because I like to mix and match high and low pieces. If you have been following along, Sadie Jane styled this top on my blog for our Spring collaboration. I loved it so much on her that I bought it one day when it went on sale. The liberty floral print is my absolute favorite! When I first tried on these shorts…

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did anyone else experience extremely odly cool weather for May?! We certainly did here in Florida. The rain brought in the most amazing cold front. In all honesty, I can’t remember the last time I had to pull out a jacket in May but I was not complaining. It’s been such a beautiful Spring season here, there seems to be vibrant colored flowers blooming everywhere you turn here.Β I can only hope the showers…

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My Favorite Natural Sincare Products

Something that I have always struggled with is my skin and breakouts. Since my preteen years my skin has always been very sensitive, red, and acne prone. Over the years it’s gotten drastically better with the occasional break out here and there. The challenge I’ve always faced is finding products that are gentle on my skin yet don’t cause me to breakout or itch. Drug store products have never worked with my skin, especially face moisturizers or those that are…

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Blush Pink Cardigan

Social media (specifically Facebook and Insta) are my two favorite tools that help me stay in contact with friends who live all over the world. A few weeks back, Colleen, a friend from Youth Group/High School days who I haven’t seen in years reached out to me through Facebook and asked if I would style one of her cardigans from her ETSY shop. Of course I didn’t hesitate and told her yes!!! Firebrand Apparel Cardigan | LOFT Tank | LOFT…

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Livin La Dolce Vita

A dock a day keeps the doctors away. Not really but if I was in charge of running the world it would! To me there’s nothing better than being near the ocean surrounded by boats with a cool breeze blowing and watching the sun go down. Now if only I owned one of those boats. I’d cruise straight into the sunset with my “Dolce Vita” beach bag! Old Navy Dress | LOFT Bag | Old Navy Shoes | Kohl’s Hat…

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Tropical Trip to FIT Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I made a pit stop to the FIT Botanical Garden. I’ve mentioned it before but we love adventures and finding new places to explore. My good friend Kelly first introduced me to the garden but it’s been a favorite of Josh and mine to visit. When walking around you honestly feel like your on a tropical island out in the middle of the ocean. We live in the sunshine state where everyone comes…

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Friday Follow: Bloggers I Love

It’s no secret that I run this blog, Katie’s Kronicles, but I also follow tons of different bloggers! Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers I’ve recently discovered! These blogs are fairly new finds to me, but there are others I’ve followed along with for years and will share some of them over the next few Fridays. Mainly I follow fashion blogs, but I also love lifestyle,Β food and DIY blogs. Follow…

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