About me


Hey friends! I’m so glad you stopped by.

My names Katie and I’m a Florida girl at heart. I was born and raised in Melbourne, FL which is often rare to find! It’s a fairly large town on the East Coast of Florida where NASA launches the rocket from. I’ve lived in the same town up until I moved away to Florida State University for school in Tallahassee. I moved back right after I graduated college because I just couldn’t stay away from the ocean and I missed my family terribly! While at college I mostly filled my time by exploring Northern Florida, hanging with my friends from my Christian sorority, Delta Alpha Chi,  and learning all I could about fashion. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in RMPD (a fancy name for Fashion Merchandising).

My absolute favorite place is the whole wide world is the beach. Summer has always been my favorite season which should be apparent just by looking at my bright photos and sunny Florida style! I love to be in the water weather it’s paddle boarding, swimming or trying to surf (it’s my summer goal to get better but that one will take me a while to master).

I love Jesus with all of my heart, I am extremely silly and am always up for fun adventures. I’m almost always smiling and super joyous! I have a slight obsession with pineapples, love the color yellow, eating healthy (mostly chocolate), working out, being outside, exploring new places, my family, boyfriend and anything and everything creative (fashion, photography, graphic design, crafting, writing, sewing, knitting, home decor, crocheting, decorating, painting, coloring, you name it). I workout and train at a gym called Trinity Fitness and it’s the most encouraging faith-filled atmosphere ever! If you are ever in town, you must stop by and visit!

Some things most people do not know about me: I normally brush my teeth in the shower (don’t worry, most people think that’s odd) and I’ve never missed breakfast a day in my life (with the exception of the stomach flu). Growing up I was an extremely shy child but have since outgrown that. I have 1 younger sister (25) and one older sister (40). I also have 2 nieces and a nephew (16, 14 and 13). My boyfriends names is Josh and we met at the church he works at 2 years ago. He loves adventures just as much as I do and we have tons in common but we are polar opposites in many ways to.

I hope you leave my blog feeling light, bright and a little extra cheery!

If you have any questions or just want to talk, I’d love to hear from you! katieskronicles@hotmail.com

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