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Fruitful Friday Finds

Fruitful Friday Finds
Whenever I surf the web, I am constantly stumbling upon some type of cool new product or recipe. It’s impossible not to! While Pinterest is great for recipes, I love love love Instagram because I have found so many new brands through the app and it’s way more personal- I think that’s why I like it so much. Instagram is like an endless black hole for finding new brands, must have styles, cute dog pictures, new blogs, photographers, and really anything else that can be cropped into a pretty picture. Once I click on a tagged picture, I’m instantly hooked and could probably spend hours searching out fun new websites or brands. I especially love when I find brands that focus on handmade items and giving back. I want to start sharing some of my internet findings here on Friday’s, concentrating on ethical/fair trade or handmade items, USA made products, companies that give back, healthy recipes and more. Here are my 5 Friday Finds:
1. The Domino Collar from 31 Bits is adorable and perfect for spring!
2. Delicious and healthy Chocolate Orange Brownies! It calls for avocado, date syrup (I’ve never tried it but I do love dates so I can only imagine how delicious they are in syrup form), and oat flour.
3. Only the coolest knot pillow ever. I could see this being used year round as decor to add a little nautical flair to any home. It’s made in Iceland out of 100% wool. My future home is practically calling this pillows name.
 4. The Theo chocolate bars are made in Seattle and you can even book a tour to visit their factories (it would be so fun to see how the chocolate is made!). They ethically source some of their cocoa beans from farmers in Piura, Peru which is one of the places I will be traveling to visit my Compassion Child at the beginning of May!
5. And last but not least, TOMS has collaborated with Jonathan Adler to create some of the cutest shoes ever, including these Navy Geometric sandals.

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