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Emerald + Aztec

Emerald + Aztec
 Is she not the cutest? That’s our foster baby Ella and I playing in the family room after church on a Sunday afternoon. She’s wearing her Valentine’s Day dress with tiny pink hearts. When we first got her she was super tiny and now she can roll over, sit up and is happy as a 6 month old can be.
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Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was a hot one on Sunday. My car said it got to 88, ahhh. It cannot be that hot already. No way, not in February. Luckily, The Weather Channel App says its supposed to be 66 on Thursday. I love that app, especially when the radar shows rain covering the entire state of Florida.
Who else is getting excited for summer? I know I never feel 100% more myself than in the summertime. Bright, sunny, colorful, fresh fruits, jean shorts and a tee, the ocean. There’s really nothing like it, I cant wait for those summer beach days. My sister and I want to buy a paddle board to take in the ocean and river but it’s hard to narrow down on one we both like. Their either extremely heavy or wayyy to expensive like this limited-edition one for Anthropology. How adorable is the print on this one?!
Besides Sunday being a scorcher, I spend the majority of the day inside with a migraine. Those really stink when it’s so pretty outside and your stuck inside. It kinda forced me to take a break and just focus on the week ahead. I’ve been reading Million Little Ways, A: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live and just finished it! Emily talks a lot about making art with your everyday life. She does not just mean the tangible type of art like painting or singing. It’s an art that reflects the image of Christ and reveals his full glory. On the very last page Emily writes, ” We are the mirrors of God on earth, the megaphones of his glory, the hands and eyes and hearts of heaven”. I want to to mirror Christ on earth with my art this week and for that matter, every single day. Weather it’s giving it my all at work, or just talking to a friend who needs me, this week I will make art. Creating in the image of my creator.

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    February 27, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    What an adorable look…I love every piece on you!

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