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Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day Dinner
 My BFF and I before Dinner
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I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! Mine was spent finishing up last minute Valentines and then dinner with my sister and a few friends. We had planned on just going out for dessert at The Melting Pot like last year, but they ended up being completely booked and weren’t taking any more reservations. Instead we decided to go out for dinner and eat at The Mansion.
I think its one of the best local restaurants in town! We sat outside on the upper deck which overlooks the river. It felt so nice outside and because we were on the water, there was the best chilly breeze. Anytime it feels nice enough to sit outside, I am a happy girl. 
We were all starving, so we started out with a Caprese salad that we woofed down in .2 seconds. Hangry girls (that’s our word for Hungry + Angry). Although we weren’t angry, we were just so excited to be outside eating and enjoying each others company, we devoured that salad. Plus, it’s fun to just say Hangry!
For dinner I got my favorite Tortilla Chicken Salad. It is extremely delicious. Not like the normal tortilla salad that you can find at any franchised restaurant. No, not at all. This one has a pile of avocado, grilled chicken, tons of greens and the best Chili Lime Vinaigrette. Then like always, I had to “taste test” what everyone else was eating because you know… french fries always taste different when their on someone else’s plate. To end the night, we wandered over to Kilwins and picked up some chocolate covered strawberries. Next time though, I think well make our own!

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