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9 Free Valentine’s Day Printables

9 Free Valentine’s Day Printables

1. Watercolor Heart Sunglasses Printables. Studio DIY always has the cutest and most creative ideas, it’s no surprise Valentine’s Day is one of her favorite holidays. Seriously, check out her blog, she has the most adorable Valentine’s day do-it-yourselfs. Hello cupid arrow balloons!
2. Mini Foldable Cards. All you need is card-stock, scissors, ribbon and a color printer!
3. Minimalist Candied Valentines. Just add your own candy! I mean who wouldn’t want your own “You Rock My World” label wrapped around a delicious rock candy lollypop.
4. You’re a Gem. This is probably my favorite freebie and I wish I had more time to make the DIY Gemstone Magnets. If someone made me these, I would be in Valentine’s Day heaven!
5. You Make My Heart Glow. I actually made these for all of my co-workers at work! I needed something that was gender neutral, without any mushy gushy sayings on them like, Be Mine (awkward!). I bought 2 packs of glow sticks at the dollar store for $2. I was able to make 10 Valentine’s for less than $5, including paper and printing. How perfect would these be for kids to give to their friends at school?
6. Shooting Arrow. So, so so simple with hints of color. You could even add Honey Sticks or gel pens instead of pencils!
7. I’m Donuts Over You. It’s so hard to pick a favorite because I love these too! My mouth is watering just looking at the donuts in the pictures. I know my sister, who is a doughnut lover, would appreciate opening one of these boxes and finding a colorful sprinkle doughnut straight from Krispy Kreme waiting for her when she gets home from work.
8. You Make Me Loose My Noodle. I also made these for my co-workers, friends and anyone else I can find a Valentine to give to. Painting is one of my favorite things, so I was super excited to spend an afternoon painting a bag of noodles I also bought from the Dollar Store. One day when my little nieces were over, I recruited them to help me. There’s so much craft paint at our house, we spent an afternoon painting using all the colors of the rainbow and even threw in some puffy paint. I like to call it a controlled mess. (Pictures to come later!)
9. Love Note. These would make the cutest snail mail inserts. Who wouldn’t want to receive a personalized love note in the mail!

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