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The Perfect Pleater Skirt + DIY Sequence Sweatshirt

The Perfect Pleater Skirt + DIY Sequence Sweatshirt
Sweater: DIY via A Pair and a Spare (I bought the sweatshirt from Old Navy– on sale for $5!)
Shirt: Nordstrom (similar here and here)
Sunglasses & Bag: Sister’s
The first time I saw this skirt was over at Mara’s blog, M loved M. I had been searching forever for the perfect faux-leather skirt that was long enough to wear to work but I wanted it to be above the knee so I didn’t feel like an old lady. Midi could be cute but would only look right on me with super high heels. The idea of wearing heels to work in a super chill/relaxed environment is blaaahh! No heels for this girl, it’s either flats or chunky boots for work. I tend to move around a lot and lift packages and paper almost daily, so I bought this skirt to be able to lift, bend, and move with ease. I’ve worn it one time and it’s proved to be just what I wanted! Plus, I can’t wait to style it for summer with crop tops, and my embellished Lauren Conrad top.
In other news, today is my sisters birthday. Everyone thinks were twins but really were 12 months apart. No one ever used to comment how much we looked alike because I was always the giant, older looking sister compared to the barely 5 foot skinny minny, who looked at least 5 years younger. Well she finally grew to be my exact height- really shes about 3/4 of a quarter shorter (had to add that in) and fits (wears) into all my clothes. Now when we meet new people, most of the time they can’t even tell us apart and get our names confused.
Conversations at the gym we both work out at normally go like this:
Gym Friend: “Hey Michelle”
Me: Confused Look*
Gym friend wispers to other gym friend: “That’s Michelle, right?”
Other gym friend: “ahahahha…no that’s Katie”
Gym Friend: “Oh yah, right. I knew that!”, “Hey Katie”
Conversations at work:
Work friend: “OMG, I totally saw that funny picture of you and your mom on Facebook”
Me: Oh was it blah, blah, blah…
Work friend: “No, you were both wearing footy pajamas”
Me: “Were they leopard?”
Work friend: “Yes!”
Me: “That was my mom and sister.”
Work friend: “No way…really?”, “No”, “You guys look exactly the same!”
It’s actually been pretty funny and we joke about it whenever we get the chance! I can’t wait for the day when strangers start telling us our family’s foster baby looks like my sister or I (that day is coming soon). If only they knew!

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