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Fancy Flamingo Poolside

Fancy Flamingo Poolside
Sometimes you just have to put on your best flamingo shirt for church and then lay poolside after. This water wasn’t warm enough to swim in yet, but it did look enticing enough to dip my feet in. I have no idea where my flamingo obsession came from, but all of the sudden I want everything flamingo. It must be the Florida girl in me. Including this shirt from ASOS that I ordered online and the dainty pink flamingo earrings.
What I love about ASOS is that they have a live runway where you can view the style of the item on a model. I decided to go with the petite shirt in a US size 2 and it fits perfectly. The regular sized shirt on the model looked like an over-sized tunic it was so long. If you do decide to order the shirt, make sure not to select the maternity style like I almost did!
This pictures and the sparkling water are making me extra antsy for summer days spent living outside at the beach, eating watermelon and swimming.

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