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Where’s Waldo?

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 That’s right, I’m wearing my Where’s Waldo shirt proudly. That’s not exactly how I pictured this outfit but when I paired the wide striped shirt with blue flared pants, Waldo is all I could think of. All I needed was a striped hat and we’d be twins. A few days later my sister posted a picture of herself wearing the same shirt, and I commented “Your wearing your Waldo shirt”, and she had no clue what I meant. 
This picture right here speaks for itself. See Twins.
Someone even painted their nails to replicate Waldo. Maybe the next time I try and recreate this look I’ll have to go all out and paint my nails to match. Maybe not. I sound like a crazed Waldo watcher but I still can’t believe I subconsciously dressed exactly like him, or I hope.
Getting off the Waldo subject, I need to say how much I love these pants. I got them from Old Navy when they were having their big end of winter clearance for only $4. They were originally marked down to $8.99 but after 50% they totaled to a little over $4. That is my kind of bargain.  They are a little snug in the waste and didn’t have any in a larger size but I just couldn’t resist with the price and relaxed style. They are the perfect length and have just the right amount of flare without looking like I’m straight from the 70’s.

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